Nine Dry Comfort Combo Pack of 10pcs

Nine Dry Comfort Combo Pack of 10pcs

Brand: Nine

10 pcs
रू 513.00
Product Details
  • Free Biodegradable bags inside packaging, first and only by any sanitary napkin brand in India. Helps with hygienic and convenient disposal of napkin after usage. Bags help seal product and can be disposed off in home dustbin to be disposed with regular trash.
  • Rash free product, Soft Edge Arms made of textile cotton help prevent rashes during and after periods.
  • Leakage protection- Good quality gum on release paper helps keep napkin in place and prevents leakage of period blood onto clothes due to displacement of napkin
  • Naturally soft cottony top sheet is extremely soft for the extremely smooth and soft feel for maximum comfort.
  • No Ink used on pads to help ensure chemical free product in contact with intimate areas

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